Beer lovers rejoice! Not only is it Friday, but fine news of Munich Okterberfest’s return to the capital has poured in, another event to quench our unending thirst for all things liquid and golden.

The event will last a whopping 16 days, from August 15 to 30, and will once again be housed at Beijing Olympic Park. I say housed, but what I mean is mansioned, with the world’s largest single beer tent of 11,000 square meters landing smack-dab in the middle of what was once the heart of China’s pride. Soon, it’ll be one giant sloshed mess of sausage and regret.

To ease the pain, the tent will include some of Germany’s finest and oldest beers, as well as music from Chinese bands during the opening ceremony on August 15.

It is believed that approximately a quarter of Beijing’s population, aka five million visitors, enjoyed last year's beerfest. That seems like a classic case of making things up when you think everyone else won’t remember, but whatever, zum wohl!

Photos: China Daily

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