New Beijing-based online food delivery business Sweet Heart Salad has its sight set on your lunch hour – and your health.

The team behind Sweet Heart Salad wanted to come up with a food delivery concept that satisfies the needs of people who are increasingly concerned with food safety, organic ingredients and the convenience afforded by online ordering, an idea that they have dubbed "shirbility" (or 事儿B for the Chinese speakers out there).

We got to try the whole range of salads when the Sweetheart team called by the office the other day. The salads come layered in tall containers, you just pour on the dressing and shake away. We particularly enjoyed a mango, chicken and avocado salad (RMB 48) and the vegetarian health whitening salad (RMB 36), which thankfully didn't make our pasty skin any whiter, but the combination of roast veggies, beans and nuts did leave us feeling revitalized. 

As an added bonus, the salads are delivered by muscled delivery boys in tight vests. Ladies, we see bachelorette party written all over this one. 

Sweet Heart Salad are still in the latter stages of testing at the moment, but the website ( should begin taking public orders later this week. You will need to place your order before 6.30pm the night before (to ensure the freshest salad) and they will deliver to the CBD and Wangjing. 

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Photos: Robynne Tindall, The True Run Team

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