No relationship is perfect, and no one in a relationship is a less perfect than the foreign man dating the Chinese woman. This is summed up by an article in the Chinese-language edition of China Daily (you thought they only published in English?): "Chinese Girlfriends' Top 10 Complaints."

While we won't highlight every single one, let's take a quick look at a few of the top 10:

1. You don't carry my bag!

It's one thing to hold a purse (and not a man purse) momentarily for a bathroom trip or a shoe-tie, but to carry just so she doesn't have to carry ... no. But Chinese women indicated in the report that this is the one thing they wanted their BFs to do most that they won't do.

2. You don't talk to me often enough!

What's your call frequency, once per day? A quick good morning text? That won't do. The Chinese girlfriends surveyed said they expect to hear from their boyfriends two or three times per day to show that they care. Time to get a better data plan, gents.

8. Eat more!

Some guys might even like this one. Since proper eating is equated with health in Chinese culture, sometimes you will actually be seen as not eating enough, and encouraged to do it more. However ...

9. Eat less!

You'll find out very early in your relationship whether your girlfriend thinks you eat too much or not. Most likely you'll be told not to eat whatever it is you love most, unless that happens to be stir-fried kale, but if that were the case, then you'd get more of number eight than number nine.

Read the full list (in Chinese) here. If you can't, that's too bad and it's also covered in number seven.


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