Having made their mark on the Beijing pizza delivery scene since they launched in 2010, the team behind Gung Ho! Pizza is going back to their roots with a new restaurant space at their Sanlitun location, set to open in mid-August.

They have shifted their delivery kitchen upstairs and transformed the ground floor space into a 40-seater restaurant (with an additional 40 seats on the terrace outside), designed by Coro Urdaneta, who also worked with the team on Sugar Shack. 

The concept? Gourmet pizza, craft beer and lots of sides for sharing. Sounds good to us. They've brought in a chef from New Zealand and Trouble Bar are currently helping them source some quality draft options. Reasonably priced cocktails and a short-but-sweet wine list will be available for the non-beer drinkers.

Fans of the ever-efficient Gung Ho! delivery guys will be glad to know they're carrying the same service mentality through to the restaurant, with many of their longest-serving staff moving over to the restaurant.

Between Iki, Trouble Bar and now Gung Ho!, this strip is looking like a very solid option for pre-going out dinner and drinks. Watch this space for more news when the store opens in a few weeks.

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Photo: Gung Ho! Pizza

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