Dimly lit and effortlessly cool, Beiluo Bread Bar is confident and knows it doesn’t need to impress. The laptop crowd was in full force the day I went, making it a casual work environment suited to those who hate suits and the associated office culture.

The vibe was a mix of classy and laidback, and while the two adjectives seem contradictory, it works. There’s a cool sound in the bar with lots of natural movement and talking. Music in different languages played in the background, giving me the best of both worlds: music with lyrics without the distraction of comprehension.

However, in terms of mobile office facilities, it really depends on where you sit and how long your charger cable extends. I came when most seats were taken and had to settle for a circular table in a corner, which was shaky but totally bearable. I have my eye on one of the tall, long tables for my next visit so I can let my pile of belongings multiply and slowly take over or so I can share the space with a friend.

Beiluo Bread Bar serves as a good escape from the Beijing heat and the crowds that swarm the Gulou area. My iced Americano (RMB 18) was perfect for a hot day and I didn't feel at all pressured to leave after I was done. If I had snagged something near an outlet, I’m sure I would have stayed until closing.

Vibe and design (how cool you’ll look working): 3/5

-Laidback and understated but unpretentious

Productivity (how much you’ll get done): 4/5

  • Music was at a comfortable volume and the space allows for movement with minimal distractions

Beiluo Bread Bar
70A Beiluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District

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Photo: Heather Budimulia

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