In case you missed last month's top blogs, here's a round-up June's most viewed top five:

1. Lactating Mom Sex Ring Uncovered in Beijing
A journalist from The Beijing News uncovered a 4,000-strong members’ club that arranges for adults to meet lactating mothers for the purpose of consuming milk straight from the breast. Posing as a client, a journalist was offered a selection of lactating women with the price list including RMB 1,000 for one drink, RMB 2,000 for overnight, and RMB 3,000 for a full day. 

2. Watch Your Ass: Police Raid Fake Toilet Paper Factory
Police in Beijing busted a fake toilet paper manufacturing facility catching workers red-handed wrapping their goods with packaging from more than 10 popular brands of toilet paper. With prices 20 percent lower than the genuine article, they claimed to have never had a shortage of customers.

3. Thirty Arrested in Sanlitun Drug Busts, Including Ten Foreigners 
A three-month crackdown on illicit drug use resulted in the arrests of 30 suspected drug dealers, including 10 foreigners, some of whom claimed to be students or refugees. Police sources say those arrested were selling marijuana, methamphetamine and MDMA, mostly in the Sanlitun area but also around Dongba, an area outside the fifth ring several kilometers northeast of Chaoyang Park.

4. China Considers Loosening Regulations on ‘Green Card’ to Attract More Foreigners
Local officials are pondering changes to policies regarding permanent residency. Under the new proposed rules, foreigners who have been employed for four consecutive years at the level of “assistant general manager” or higher and non-Chinese residents who make a minimum investment of USD 500,000 and receive a positive return on that for three years would be eligible.

5. All You Need to Know About Dog Licensing and Law Enforcement
The Public Security Bureau’s protocol is to bring all discovered unlicensed dogs to the police station for holding. There, the licensing fee can be paid. The official registration period of an already licensed dog is May 1 to June 30 each year. Those that are applying for the first time may do so at any time, but all licenses expire on April 30. Stay informed and keep your pooch safe.


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