Hello all you beautiful flesh bags! After some delving into our freebie cupboard here at the Beijinger, we’ve rustled together a killer gift package that any aspiring alco-food-aholic would die for and it couldn’t be easier to win. But first, let’s take a look at the prizes:

  • A gift voucher courtesy of Sherpa’s worth RMB 300 i.e. one ruddy great Sunday pie fest
  • Four bottles of Terrano Tempranillo Spanish wine brewed up in 2010, probably the best year ever for all wines everywhere
  • Two massive bottles of Chimay Blue Grande Réserve, which has been awarded a 100 percent on ratebeer.com – the equivalent of drinking God’s post-coital tears of ecstasy
  • And just so you don’t have to imbibe directly from the bottle upon pick-up like the rascal you are and can in fact carry it all home, one much sought after ceramic the Beijinger branded mug and handy tote bag

To stand a chance to gorge, all you have to do is be the 10,000th member of our Facebook page, so whack on that VPN, show the government who's boss, don your sweatpants, and prepare to climb guzzle mountain.

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