On May 29, 2014 The Henley Group sponsored a talk on How to Apply for the Right of Abode in Hong Kong at the American Club.

Watch this video on YouTube.

We originally produced a version of this presentation last year.

However, this time we can bring the material to life a bit more with an actively engaged audience and a lovely ambiance to the session all told.

I hope you get value from it.

This Talk Broken Down Into Logical Segments

Part 1 – The Make Up of My Presentation

Part 2 – 7 Years in Hong Kong – Do You Qualify?

Part 3 – Hong Kong Ordinary Residence & When it Starts

Part 4 - Maintaining & Breaking Your Ordinary Residence

Part 5 - Settlement & Only Place of Permanent Residence

Part 6 - Paperwork & Process

Part 7 - Keeping it & Losing it!

More Stuff You May Find Useful or Interesting

The reality behind the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s  ”4 weeks”  case processing time line

Checking the status of your Hong Kong visa application on line – yeah right!

The Hong Kong Immigration Department – what an efficient organisation they really are!

ImmD are out to deny – not approve – Hong Kong visa applications – aren’t they?

Getting a working visa for Hong Kong is a simple matter of filling out the forms – right?

Visit the original source and full text: Hong Kong Visa Geeza