Every month, we like to shine a spotlight on the most delicious dishes we’ve stumbled upon recently. Dig in!

Palak paneer

Ganges Restaurant, RMB 48

This Indian classic is a great choice for vegetarians. It’s a delicious mix of creamy, pureed spinach and cubes of cottage cheese, but don’t be fooled – it’s actually rather healthy. Grab an order of garlic naan so that you can add scoops of paneer on top before you fold it into your mouth like a ravenous caveman.


Caramel pudding

Ippudo, RMB 16

You may think you don’t need dessert after all that rich ramen, but trust us, save room for this petite sweet. A layer of bitter caramel gives way to unctuous set custard that’s just on the right side of sugary. You’ll want to pocket the cutesy serving jar, too.


Ge da tang

Qixun Bazhao, RMB 15

This tasty yet greasy soul food restaurant near Lama Temple specializes in the kind of food only a grandmother could prepare. Despite its unappetizing sounding name of “pimple soup,” this northern treat is delicious, filling, and vegetarian.


Seafood rice bowl and udon with oily tofu

Geba Geba, RMB 69

It’s so much food that you won’t know where to put it all. The rice bowl consists of big chunks of raw tuna, poached egg, salmon roe, and seaweed. When the wasabi hits your nose, and mixes with the egg yolk, fish, and rice you discover a harmony between the ingredients that is very special. Truly, a unique combination of flavors.


Wanza mian

Tangci Chongqing Xiao Mian, RMB 20

Located in Xiang’er Hutong, this little Sichuan restaurant quickly serves up bowls of these delicious spicy noodles. Topped with white peas, minced pork, tongcai, and a dose of chili flakes, it’s a proper summer dish to cool you down with a steady heat induced sweat.



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