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2555 continuous (or cumulative) days in Hong Kong for the right of abode? Surely not?


Hi Stephen,

I am 25 Years old Indian National. I don’t have any kind of degree. I own a business from past seven years in India.

I am applying for jobs from past 4 months but in most of the cases I just get rejected since I can’t speak Cantonese or my employer is not willing to sponsor my Employment Visa.

I have a girl friend in Hong Kong who is PR. I want to shift with her but financially she is not strong enough so that she can sponsor me for Dependent Visa after marriage.

I want to start a business in Hong Kong but I can’t go for it since I don’t have enough capital to apply for a  Business Investment Visa or Capital Investment Visa.

The employers are not ready to sponsor my case cause I don’t have any special talent which can be justified in front of Hong Kong Immigration Department.

I do not qualify for QMAS and lastly it is too late for me to apply for university so that I can come as a student and even if I come as a student, I fear it would be very difficult for me to support myself without a job.

It is very difficult every time to come to Hong Kong on Visitor Visa and leave country after 14 days.

I would like to know is there any special visa category under which I can  shift to Hong Kong?

Someone suggested me to apply as a domestic helper or imported worker and once I am there for 2 years I would get enough time to check out other possibilities but getting a job as domestic helper or imported worker seems impossible for Indian National.

Can you please suggest me something which can sort out my issue or I should just forget about starting a new life in Hong Kong.

Please let me know.

Thank You.

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