No matter how old you are or how much experience you have dancing, you can find your home for dance somewhere in Beijing. There are especially many studios specializing in hip hop and urban/street dance. 

To get started, for those who seek professional training or for beginners who simply wish to dance for fun, the best way to do that is to join a dance studio and sign up for weekly dance classes. Attending masterclasses held in local dance studios are also great opportunities to learn amazing routines from world-renowned choreographers, dance legends, and regional youtube stars. For the past few months, Beijing was honored to have wonderful guests such as Lee Junho from Souldance Studio in South Korea, Jawn Ha of Mos Wanted Crew, and Chris Martin from Choreo Cookies, only to name a few. 

Like every other form of art, dance is a universal language. Even if your Chinese isn’t the best, let your body speak and show off your talent! Beginner classes are offered regularly starting from children to adults. Dance companies also offer training programs for student dancers who seek a professional dance career. In some studios, potential students have the option to take a free trial class before diving right in to pay for a bulk of 10 classes.

The best way to find updates on new programs, discounts, and master classes is by adding the studio on WeChat (see WeChat Id's below) or calling the studio directly. What we have compiled are three well-known dance companies that specialize in urban dance, hip hop, and jazz. However, don't limit your dance life here. Expand your circles and network with other dancers. These are some of the studios we recommend.

SDT Dance Center
They recently opened up a new studio in Wangjing and already had big names dance on their grounds. You can even spot their dance company members on stage with top Chinese artists.
1. Tian'ewan Branch: 5-107 Yacheng Sanli, Chaoyang District
2. Wangjing Campus: 9 Huajiai Street, Chaoyang District (20 meters south of Beijing Youth Politics College)
WeChat ID: sdtdance

PURESOUL Dance Studio
This studio not only offers classes but also the opportunity to show off individual skills in dance battles.
Location: Business Center Room 101, Sihui East Balizhuang Runkun, Chaoyang District
WeChat ID: bjpuresoul 

Zaha Club(嘉禾舞社)
Choose to take classes from one of their five studios in Beijing. Zaha also offers an intensive training program for students.
1. Yonghegong: Aerospace Supplies Mansion 6 Building (Jingehua Mansion), 1A Dongbinhe Road, Dongcheng District
2. Zizhu Bridge: 2/, 98 Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District
3. Wangjing: 1101, 1 LOFTEL Pengjingge, Huguang Middle Street, Chaoyang District
4. Guomo: Jianwai SOHO F 18 1802, 39 Block B, East 3rd Ring Road Middle, East Area, Chaoyang District
5. Chaoyangmen: B 1-103, Bldg 209, Chaoyangmen Outer Street, Jixiang Tract, Chaoyang District
WeChat ID: zahaclub 

Images courtesy of Zaha Club

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