The question of right of abode for FDH’s in Hong Kong is a wound that continues to bleed…

Automatic right of abode if you marry a HKPID holder


If a Philippine domestic helper has been in Hong Kong continuously for 30 years can she obtain permanent residency after marrying a foreign (British) permanent resident?

If not, can she remain in Hong Kong under any other visa category?

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Right of abode for foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong – it was all so inevitable really

What can be said to constitute ‘ordinary residence’ for the purposes of a right of abode application in Hong Kong?

Will I still qualify for the right of abode if I worked temporarily in Macau yet lived in Hong Kong for the full 7 years?

Do I need to work for the same employer for 7 years in order to qualify for permanent residency in Hong Kong?

Why applying for a Hong Kong FDH visa for your girlfriend is not a good idea


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