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Wanda Cinema Line, China’s biggest movie-theater operator, is expanding cooperation with US company MediaMation and South Korea’s CJ4D Plex to build over 100 new “4D” cinemas in China.

4D cinema technology goes one step beyond 3D cinemas by featuring shaking seats, water spray, and scents to provide a multiple sensory cinematic experience.

MediaMation and CJ4D will provide MX4D and 4DX technology and equipment to Wanda, including special seats, and light, smoke, and wind machines, according to a statement on the Wanda Cinema website (link in Chinese).

“Wanda Cinema is China’s 4D viewing trendsetter.” Liu Xiaobin, executive president of Wanda Cinema Line Cooperation said in the statement. “I believe Wanda Cinema will be able to provide more diverse viewing options and disrupt the cinema-going experience for audiences through this deal.”

China is now the world’s second-largest film market, and the country is expected to surpass North America as the biggest box office territory sometime in the next few years.

Theaters are being built in China at a rapid clip. Wanda Cinema Line CEO Zeng Maojun said in June that the number of theatres could go from around 40,000 screens now to 120,000, based on the United States’ example.

Wanda and MediaMation opened their first location in China in the southern city of Nanning in early 2015, followed soon after by another in Wanda’s hometown of Dalian. The two companies are also working together on projects in Changchun, Fuzhou, Wuhu, Harbin, Guangzhou, and Changsha, among others.

In August, Wanda announced it will build 4,000 3D screens in its theaters across the country over the next four years in collaboration with Beverly Hills company RealD. That deal is the largest 3D screen installation in history.


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