After contributing so many innovative dishes for the past five years,it's time for The Rug Chaoyang branch to embrace a new look, undergoing a makeover for the indefinite future.

“Since the whole building is going under renovation, so we are also going to upgrade our decor during this time, which might take several months. Our Chaoyang branch will stop serving customers as of September 1,” said Elin Hung, one of The Rug's three founding owners.

But don’t cry just yet, we still have The Rug Sanlitun and Chat Room at Chaoyang Joy City, the former of which is still offering their midnight barbecue. If you head over between 10pm-1.30am, Thursday to Saturday, RMB 69 can get you the choice of two, or RMB 99 the choice of three, out of a selection of seven sliders, eight kebabs, cocktails, six beers, six wines, four coffees, three juices, and two desserts.

Chat Room at Chaoyang Joy City features smaller portions and various western dishes with a Chinese twist made for sharing, such as Sichuan spicy mussels (RMB 66), hot rock black pepper steak (RMB 58), espresso brandy tiramisu (RMB 59), and delicious sliders (pictured above).

We wish them good luck with the renovation, and look forward to trying new dishes at their original and revamped venue soon.

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Photos: Chat Room, Tracy Wang

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