Ever wish you could add your lamp post on WeChat to send it a cool sticker? Or thought you really wished there was a way to get more information about a garbage can? Fear not, Beijing is going to get smarter by sticking QR codes on basically everything by 2018, an ECNS article reported.

Some items on the list we can understand, for example bus stops, but why light poles or dustbins would require these snazzy digital stickers is beyond us. Supposedly a simple scan would be enough to allow the public to report any problems. Whether something will actually be done about it is something we will have to wait and see to believe.

Chen Long, deputy director of the division for urban sceneries management, says the system will be similar to the identification number issued to every citizen.

The system is already partially in place around Chang'an Dajie, with 1,100 facilities having QR codes attached to them. Chen Long added that they have already received 1,800 valid reports on various issues with these facilities. All of which were dutifully ignored (probably).

We can't help but wonder whether this is the start of one of many changes in the city in preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Those rampant garbage cans have to be reigned in somehow.

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