New Hong Kong work visa? This question has a straightforward answer which has been addressed quite a few times previously on this Blog but it was asked in such a novel away it made me realize that not everyone views Hong Kong immigration through the lens that I have carried with me for 20 years!




My question is about changing jobs and the visa process between the two. 

Is it legal for Company B to hire me away from Company A (assuming no local person can fill the job) and apply for a new Hong Kong work visa before the first expires?

Can one apply for another working visa while still on an active visa?

I’d think this kind of situation is common – we all want a better job if offered.

If Company A cancels my visa before I get a new one, I’d have to leave the country before a new one is ready?

What are some of the things to consider from a job seeker and from an employer point of view?

Also I’m interested in whether I might be able to switch to an Investment visa mid-stay if I were to be an attractive candidate for that (I know its difficult).

Thanks a lot!

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