Burgeoning jokester Dwayne Perkins will tickle Beijingers' ribs at The Bookworm on August 21. The Brooklyn-born comedian has been building quite a bit of buzz over the years, thanks to his popular guest segments on hit late night programs like Conan and The Jay Leno Show, not to mention his recently released Netflix special, Take Note (which began streaming on July 1).

In 2012 he published a book called Hot Chocolate For The Mind: Funny Stories from Comedian Dwayne Perkins. It offers readers a taste of his sarcastically self-deprecating brand of comedy, especially when he describes playing the board game Connect Four with his 10 and nine-year-old cousins as the perfect "confidence builder" thanks to his win-loss record of 57-2. He goes on to explain his two losses: "Well, one was dumb luck and the other should have an asterisk because my cousin put in two red pieces at a time. I called it cheating. She called it improvising. Well, she would have called it that if she knew that word. I rule."

This isn't Perkins' first gig in China. In fact, he has spent a considerable chunk of his career touring abroad. In one of his most popular bits (which you can see here, VPN required), he describes how: "I'm very fortunate. I went to China, Israel, Scotland, Africa. It's good going to the motherland," he adds, before sarcastically deadpanning: "Because I've never been to Scotland. Good to connect with my people."

During that same set, Perkins went on to joke that many of the people he has met during his travels "don't like Americans ... so you have to be real nice. But I will say this: they don't seem to mind black Americans quite as much. Because, like, they know it wasn't us."

Dwayne Perkins will perform at The Bookworm on August 21. Tickets are RMB 150 in advance, and RMB 180 at the door. You can purchase tickets online here, or click here for more information or see the poster above.

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