We trust that everyone who came out to the International Foodie Weekend had a great time. Just in case you weren't able to make it or didn't keep up with all the announcements happening onsite, here is the full list of the winners of the Beijinger 2016 Bar & Club Awards, as voted for by you, our readers. 

Congratulations to every establishment that made it onto this list, we're looking forward to another year of the hustle and bustle of Beijing's nightlife scene.

Best Beer Selection: Great Leap Brewing #12 Brewpub
Outstanding: Heaven Supermarket
Outstanding: Paddy O’Shea’s

Best Cocktails: The Tiki Bungalow
Outstanding: Mai Bar
Outstanding: Janes & Hooch

Best for Wine: Cheers
Outstanding: Mei, Rosewood
Outstanding: La Cava de Laoma

Best Whisky Bar: Hidden House
Outstanding: Revolution
Outstanding: Glen Classic

Best Local Craft Brewery: Great Leap Brewing
Outstanding: Jing-A Taproom
Outstanding: Slow Boat Brewery

Best Happy Hour: Paddy O’Shea’s
Outstanding: The Local
Outstanding: Home Plate BBQ Sanlitun

Best Quiz Night: Paddy O'Shea's
Outstanding: 4corners
Outstanding: Lush

Best Bar Food: Great Leap Brewing
Outstanding: Home Plate BBQ
Outstanding: Slow Boat Brewery

Best Sports Bar: Paddy O'Shea's
Outstanding: Home Plate BBQ Sanlitun
Outstanding: Cu Ju

Best Hotel Bar: Mei, Rosewood
Outstanding: Xian, East Hotel
Outstanding: Atmosphere, China World Summit Wing

Best Outdoor Drinking: The Bar at Migas
Outstanding: Great Leap Brewing
Original #6 Brewpub Outstanding: Kokomo

Best View: The Bar at Migas
Outstanding: Atmosphere, China World Summit Wing
Outstanding: Capital M

Most Creative Bar Concept: 8-Bit
Outstanding: The Tiki Bungalow
Outstanding: Hidden House

Best LGBT Friendly: Great Leap
Outstanding: Destination
Outstanding: Más

Best Student Hangout: Lush
Outstanding: Heaven Supermarket
Outstanding: La Bamba

Best Place to Take a Date: Mai Bar
Outstanding: The Bar at Migas
Outstanding: Hidden House

Best Place to Find a Date: The Bar at Migas
Outstanding: Kokomo
Outstanding: 4corners

Best Place for Dancing: Modernista
Outstanding: Kokomo
Outstanding: Dada

Best Beijing Band: Stevie Mac & The Mac Daddies
Outstanding: Tavey Lean and the Solid Gold Dream Machine
Outstanding: Beijing Beatles

Best Live Music Venue: Temple Bar
Outstanding: 4corners
Outstanding: Dusk Dawn Club (DDC)

Best Lido: Xian, East Hotel
Outstanding: Hockey Bar / The Irish Volunteer
Outstanding: Eudora Station

Best Shuangjing: Plan B
Outstanding: The Brick
Outstanding: Jian Archery Club

Best Gulou: 4corners
Outstanding: Modernista
Outstanding: Temple Bar

Best New Bar/Club: The Tiki Bungalow
Outstanding: Ron Mexico
Outstanding: La Social

Party of the Year: Fourth Beijing Craft Beer Festival
Outstanding: the Beijinger Burger Festival
Outstanding: Migas Rooftop Opening

Best Bartender: Adam Gottschalk (Ron Mexico)
Outstanding: Badr Benjelloun (Cu Ju and Caravan)
Outstanding: Pink (Temple Bar)

Best Bar Manager: Paul Rochon (Paddy O'Shea's)
Outstanding: Justin Barthelemy (Café de la Poste)
Outstanding: Nuria Cimini (Modernista)

Best Nightclub: Dada
Outstanding: The Bar at Migas
Outstanding: Lantern

Bar/Club of the Year: Paddy O'Shea's
Outstanding: The Tiki Bungalow
Outstanding: Modernista

Best Outdoor Hotel Bar
Editor's Pick: O'Bar, Nuo Hotel
Editor's Pick: Yin on 12, New World Beijing

Best for Business Networking
Editor's Pick: Centro, Kerry Hotel

Most Fashionable Hotel Bar
Editor's Pick: X25 Bar, W Hotel

Photos: Uni, Lareina Yang, Renee Hu

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