One of the world's most heralded historic sites is about to become home to Beijing's biggest electronica extravaganza. From September 15-16 The Great Wall will be the site of this year's Yinyang Music Festival. The headliner is none other than HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys), a Vienna bred duo that crafts minimalistic, undeniably driving house tunes. Below, Yinyang cofounder Tommy Hendriks tells us more about the festival.

Why did you want to book HVOB for this festival?
They're an incredible live act and visual experience. The leading German electronic music magazine De:Bug ranked them the number two live act of 2015, above established stars like Nicholas Jaar and Disclosure! This past summer they were the top act at the Fusion Festival in Germany, and Facebook fans are still going crazy about their performance, so my expectations are really high. Another highlight will be the main stage's visual set up. We have 3D visual mapping shows the Great Wall during all main acts. Two visual artist crews will be flying over from Europe to turn the Great Wall into art. What else? The sunrise on top of the Great Wall on the final morning is, of course, magic!

Tell us about what sets this festival apart.
Yinyang has so many unique aspects. First of all we have a daytime stage on top of the Great Wall, so you are dancing on the Great Wall of China! Secondly you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks onto the festival area. Then there are the camping spots inside ancient courtyard gardens, nighttime festival ... it's a full package life experience.

What has been the biggest challenge of putting on this festival, and how did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge every year is to keep everyone safe. The location is at a steep part of the Great Wall, so at nighttime in the dark it can be dangerous for people to fall down. Therefore we decided to keep the Great Wall stage closed at night, and have the entrance to the Great Wall blocked.

Tell us about some of the best music festivals that you have attended as a fan, and what aspects of them that you hope to emulate to make Yinyang a big success.
A favorite festival that I have attended is MELT, which takes place next to an enormous lake close to Berlin. MELT has incredible electronic live acts at its main stage, and later at night its various smaller stages also have all sorts of electronic music. We want Yinyang to go towards a line up where the main stage features great shows and performances with a lot of interaction with the crowd, and the smaller stages feature pure DJ acts.

The Yinyang Music Festival takes place at the Great Wall, September 15-16. You can get your festival pass here. Click here for bus and accommodation. More information can be found within China, by following The Mansion WeChat account (ID: The-Mansion), or by joining the event's Facebook page.

Photos: Yiyang Music Festival, HVOB

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