A suitable Hong Kong visa & immigration strategy for a highly accomplished professional trailing unmarried partnerSMALL-keep-calm-and-ask-the-visa-geeza

It’s only natural to wish to iron out all the immigration wrinkles prior to a relocation to Hong Kong when you’re joining your loved one who’s transferring here. This question provides a great opportunity for a discussion of the various options available.


I have been offered a job with a large multinational company in Hong Kong which I have accepted.

As my girlfriend and I are not married the company are unable to help with her visa. We plan on moving there indefinitely.

She is however a highly skilled architect and scores 110 on the General Points test for the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme visa.

Are they currently accepting architects in this capacity?

What are the chances of the visa being approved?

We would also like to ask, can you apply for 2 visas? Eg. Working visa and Quality Migrant visa at the same time?

How long does it usually take to have a working holiday visa approved?

If you receive a holiday working visa can you then apply for a Quality Migrant visa whilst you are living in Hong Kong under a working holiday visa? 

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