There are just 10 days left before Sanlitun Soho plays host to the single largest food spectacle the city of Beijing has dared to take a bite out of on August 13-14. It’s going to be huge (say it like a megalomaniac: HUUUUUUGE!); a self-indulgent, sin-fueled party; or whatever adjectives (with a food pun) this writer has yet to think of. Appropriately, the Beijinger was once again able to partner with Veidt House to bring you this gnarly trailer for our International Foodie Weekend. And yes, all the foods featured in the video (footage was taken from Q Mex, Home Plate BBQ, and Hoodadak Chicken & Flypizza) will be at our said event.

As of right now, tickets are still being sold with a groovy 40 percent discount. Simply click here or scan the QR code below to secure your spot in foodie paradise, but hurry ... as there's no guarantee as to when we'll sell out!

The 2nd International Foodie Weekend is proudly sponsored by Need Nutrition, Sherpa's, Berlitz, YooPay, Lonely Planet, XianCheng, and Asian Express.

Special Thanks to Q Mex, Home Plate BBQ, and Hoodadak Chicken & Flypizza for allowing us to film at their respective establishments.

Images: the Beijinger

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