International Foodie Weekend is just around the corner (August 13-14 at Sanlitun Soho) and we can’t be more excited! We hope you’re ready because your food journey of over 20 different countries is about to commence. But before we get started, get your foodie passport ready and pick up a thing or two about the cuisines traversing each region.

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The following bloggers each represent a region, but they definitely don’t define them. They show us that the language of food has no limits because a foodie’s love crosses borders and connects cultures. Each blogger shares their knowledge through recipes and photos that will tantalize your taste buds, no matter where you are. 

1. North America Cookie and Kate

Since 2010, Kate and her adorable dog, Cookie, have been running this blog from Kansas City in Missouri. As a full-time blogger, you can expect frequent posts that are of equal quantity and quality. All her recipes are vegetarian because she believes in eating whole foods, which are as close to their source as possible. Now, don’t think that this limits her to anything. In fact, her catalogue of recipes is one of the most comprehensive in this list. Browse through recipes of everything from baked goods, stews, entrées, tips, and monthly guides – complemented by aesthetically pleasing photos.

2. South America Sweet Life

The meaning behind this blog’s name, to our surprise, doesn’t have anything to do with sugar. Vianney, a foodie from South Texas, grew up in a Mexican household and it is her exploration of childhood memories that inspired her to create recipes infusing flavors from her two worlds. Her blog is offered in English and Spanish, making it accessible for both readership groups. Her recipes vary from the classic tacos and fajitas to more complex dishes, such as Chile lime salmon with Caribbean salsa. She has a special page dedicated to margaritas, with more options than you could imagine, we know which recipes we’ll be testing out this weekend!

3. United Kingdom Hemsley + Hemsley

Six years ago, sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley founded their blog to help people build a better relationship with their food and create recipes for easy to digest meals. Fast forward to today, they’ve written two cookbooks, launched a café, and star in their own TV show, Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley. Their blog might be the most professional on this list but their recipes remain close to their hearts, sharing vibrant, nutritious, and simple recipes like courgetti with a butter bean pesto or Earl Grey pan glazed salmon. They’re certainly one to watch out for.

4. Europe Chocolate & Zucchini

Based in Paris, Clotilde says she has the opportunities to give readers an inside look at the vibrant food scene, from the farmers' markets to the restaurants. Apart from an immense range of recipes, she provides useful tips and resources to help you enjoy cooking. She states that her signature style is simple, approachable recipes with a creative twist. Of course, she makes classic French dishes like beef bourguignon and cocotte, but she’s also inspired by other cuisines – check out her take on dishes like fish curry and Chinese marinated pork ribs.

5. Middle-east Masters of The Belly

Noha jokes that food, in her Egyptian household, always felt like the sixth member of their family. “There was always something cooking, and it was always delicious!” she says. Noha continues her love for food in Australia, where she currently lives. Food has many roles in her life, amongst them, celebration, togetherness, and tradition. We love her for staying true to her roots and bringing Egyptian recipes to the international community. She adds modern touches in her technique, plating, and photography. All of which makes her recipes worthy for a cookbook.

6. Africa 9jafoodie

Ronke is a weight loss specialist and the owner of this Nigerian food blog. Her goal is to simplify seemingly complicated African recipes for the everyday home cook. Her recipes use traditional ingredients found in Nigerian cooking, including yams, beans, and plantains. We found it helpful that her posts are often accompanied by step-by-step photos, demonstrating the execution of the recipe. Now, even the most inexperienced cook has a chance. Alternatively, follow the videos she films for her YouTube channel.

7. Asia The Woks of Life

Their witty blog name has got our attention! Run by a family of four, Bill (dad), Judy (mom), Sarah (older sister) and Kaitlin (younger sister), they master team effort like we’ve never seen before. They created this blog as a way to remain connected as Bill and Judy moved to Beijing from the US, whilst Sarah and Kaitlin stayed. Between their abundant assortment of Chinese recipes, they recount comical exchanges they’ve had in the kitchen because family arguments can’t be avoided. Nevertheless, we’ve got to admit that they are one talented family.

8. Southeast Asia Ladyironchef

Ladyironchef is actually run by a man named Brad, a man who has a love for food, traveling, and the finer things in life. There’s no reason or meaning behind his alias, just a blog that is well-appreciated by Singaporeans and foreigners alike. He doesn’t create recipes like the other bloggers on this list, but he does write honest restaurant reviews and knowledgeable guides about Southeast Asian food from a metropolitan setting like Singapore. Rich in diversity, it’s the perfect city for a food and lifestyle blog to thrive. Since being founded in 2007, the site has attracted many contributors and it continues to grow.

9. Oceania The Hungry Australian

Christina, the blogger behind Oceania, stumbled upon fame when she started her blog in hopes of improving her writing. Little did she know that this blog would lead her to opportunities in recipe development, consulting and photography. Born in Adelaide, Australia to a dad from Malaysia and a mom from Hong Kong, she grew up eating barbecue as often as curry. Today, she combines innovative recipes and stunning photos with her own experiences in blog posts like “Quince Crumble and Emotional Eating” or “Being a Parent and Strawberry Basil Granita.” We feel like we’re getting to know Christina as a friend just by browsing her blog!

10. Beijing  LumDimSum

We’ve traveled all over the world and now it’s time to return to Beijing. Similar to Ladyironchef, Kristen’s blog, LumDimSum, is not limited to the topic of food. She delves into discussions about happenings in the city whether it’s art, fitness, nightlife and more. Having lived in Beijing for a decade, her knowledge of the city has vastly expanded and she’s able to offer insider tips to crack Beijing’s foodie scene.

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