Given the spate of bad news these days what with terrorist attacks in Xinjiang and Yunnan (not to mention the imminent approach of sensitive anniversaries), it would be wise for partygoers and other social animals planning to go out to check with the venue/organizers ahead of time to see if your planned event is still going on.

We're hearing bits and bobs from organizers that social gatherings are being curtailed around town, both by edict from authorities and also for preventative measures.

City Weekend's Restaurant and Bar Awards was abruptly cancelled last week; similarly the FC Club rescheduled its Sustainable Lifestyle Fair from its original date this weekend to later this month and then postponed their networking function at Suzie Wong's when that venue suddenly closed for two weeks for "renovation".

Organizers of comedy gigs have been told to can the laughter for a while and at least one popular weekly Trivia Night has decided to skip it recently.

There's still plenty of stuff to do around town -- check our events section here for details, but again play it safe and call ahead to see if what you're planning to attend is still being held


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