The first week of August offers plenty of opportunities to raise your glass and toast China's national drink.

Indeed, even though World Baijiu Day is slated for August 9, it falling on a Tuesday has prompted many venues to celebrate on one, if not more, of the nine days prior and even a few days afterward, when they will serve up baijiu cocktails, infusions, and other similarly intoxicating beverages.

This celebration of not only China, but also the planet's most popular spirit was founded by Beijing based nightlife (Beijing Boyce) and wine (Grape Wall of China) blogger Jim Boyce. In a synopsis on the World Baijiu Day website, Boyce wrote:

"World Baijiu Day aims to give further exposure to this spirit, which is typically drunk lukewarm as shots to the toast “gānbēi” (“dry glass”), a tough introduction for most people. Given this, the informal theme is “beyond ganbei” and participating venues in over 20 cities embraced it last year by offering everything from cocktails, infusions and liquers to baijiu-inspired pizzas, beer, and ice cream to flights and food pairings."

This year's offerings include The Tiki Bungalow's "Goodbai Fu Manchu." Co-owner of Tiki, Oliver Davies, told Boyce that the cocktail is comprised of Bye Joe Dragon Fire baijiu, vintage Venezuelan rum, along with lychee juice, almond extract, and lime and orange juices, before adding that “It comes served in a unique long-moustached Fu Manchu mug.” The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu, meanwhile, will dole out baijiu cocktails laced with its very own liqueurs (which come in apricot, hawthorn, limoncello, coffee, and five spice flavors, according to an excellent earlier post by Boyce).

Both of those venue's offerings will be available throughout the week, while August 6 sees Pop-Up Beijing host two baijiu-themed events. One will be a World Baijiu Tour where a half dozen brands of the spirit from not only China but also the United States and New Zealand will be available. The other is a Baijiu, Coffee, and Tea Tasting courtesy of Good Works. There will also be World Baijiu Day quizzes and tastings all week long at Capital Spirits

What's more: the festivities are not only restricted to Beijing, but also venues in Marseilles and London, showcasing baijiu's growing popularity abroad.

For a complete rundown of all the dates, times, and venues, click here.

Photos: World Baijiu Day, Beijing Boyce

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