And here you thought Japan had a lock on weird perversions: Journalists from The Beijing News uncovered a 4,000-strong members' club that arranges for adults to meet lactating mothers for the purpose of consuming milk straight from the breast – and some offered other services as well.

Posing as a member, the journalist joined the club and was offered a selection of lactating women via pictures of their breasts. Once contact was established, the woman in a text exchange noted the prices were RMB 1000 for one drink, RMB 2000 for overnight and RMB 3000 for a full day. Other offerers of said services stated they also offer sexual services and are available for rent by the month from a starting fee of RMB 40,000 and up (and you thought formula was expensive).

After arranging to meet one of the service providers at a hotel east of Tiantan Park, the journalist claimed to be short of cash and struck up a conversation with the woman, who said most of her customers only visited her once or twice. Most actually were looking to strike up a relationship, and when they realized that wasn't going to happen, did not return. She indicated as well that some of her colleagues offered other sexual services.

Another lactating mom quoted by the journalist indicated that she could make RMB 20,000 to RMB 30,000 a month offering milk, and that she's cut her baby's breastfeeding to once a day in order to have enough milk for paying customers.

Police sources contacted by The Beijing News said that while providing sexual services is expressly illegal, there was no law on the books against offering mothers' milk. A law firm contacted indicated that if taking ones clothes off was involved, it could be considered a sexual service.

Photo: Aurimas Mikalauskas (Flickr), The Beijing News

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