Woodstock of Eating is back after just three months, but this time, the four-day-long "Jungle Nights"-themed food festival will not only provide 100 kinds of food, but also acts as a huge nightclub, right in the heart of Sanlitun.

The party takes place in 6 Building Sanlitun Soho, July 27-30 (4pm-11pm), with 20 DJs (including Shorty, Oshi, Clir, Boflex, Crystal Bones, and Compact Dicks) on tap to ensure epic and non-stop music to keep you burning off the calories. Food and drink vendors also include:

There's also be a pop-up market, with some local indie designers displaying their artworks, as well as handmade cosmetics, from the likes of Oysterkiss, Little Ordine, Lily's Handmande, Yellow Pummelo, and Flora & Fauna. Tickets are RMB 50 (advance) or RMB 80 (4-8pm) or RMB 100 (after 8pm), and include a drink. Check here for the tickets.

You can consider the event as the warmup for our very own Beijinger Foodie Weekend in August, which boasts 67 vendors, providing cuisines from at least 20 different countries.

Photos: jtwsm

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