It’s difficult to write about a place that has served up as many favorite memories as equally as terrible hangovers, but Temple is that one place for me. Days of spotting inebriated-to-the-point-of-doing-unsavoury-things-in-public couples on the bar’s couches may have gone (we truly hope those couches were doused in gasoline and burned) but there’s still nothing quite like dancing until 6am to classic rock ‘n’ roll cuts, watching the sun slowly stream through the upper conservatory windows while the heads of the regular bar flies gradually drooping towards the bar’s updated medieval furniture.

If you’ve never lived through such, then Temple’s five-year anniversary, composed of six days straight of riotous live music, poop (yes, that’s an option) shots, and gallons of Beijing draft couldn’t be a finer primer for the delirium that the bar has perfected in it’s short Gulou lifetime.

The messy fun kicks off at 10pm tonight (Jul 26) with blues and country cuts from Night Crawlers, Beeses Cluster Cluss, and Delta Canally, before moving through the whole gamut of genres that Temple helps thrive in the city. It’s bruised, dehydrated, and knackered body will then crawl over the finish line on Sunday night with thus-far unnanounced bands and their annual awards ceremony.

Check the poster below for the full roster:

Cheers to you, Temple, and here’s to another five more years of pain.

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Image: Temple

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