Yesterday, the government issued a blue weather warning, denoting that there would be “localized and sudden instances of torrential rain,” which we're only just seeing the full effects of and led to the warning being upgraded to orange at midday today, warning of flooding around the city. The heavy downpours are forecast to continue until tomorrow and have so far caused the cancelation of 50 flights and the delay of another 100.

This rain can't help but remind us of that fateful day on July 21, 2012, when 79 people died during one particularly extraordinary rainstorm. It also serves as a reminder to be safe, no matter how much fun you're having getting absolutely soaked. 

Thanks to groundbreaking waterproof technology, you can now watch the whole mess live or catch some highlights from Weibo below:

Yesterday, the storm caused part of the Juyongguan Great Wall in Changping to collapse, leading to blockage of the highway below. 

Gaode has released a handy interactive map (see screenshot above) showing the worst affected areas.

Someone drew this “survival equipment” diagram back in 2012 and it still holds strong today. It suggests that you head out with your ID, flashlight, goggles, inflatable rubber ring, oxygen canister, hammer, colorful neon clothes, and even a golden retriever. Please be careful, be strong, and try your best to stay dry.

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