Beijing's Best Bar? Best Nightclub? Best Beer Selection? What about Best Place to Find a Date? All these nightlife categories and more, will be determined by you, in our annual Bar & Club Awards. So sit back, relax, take a sip of scotch or swirl that glass of vino, because casting your ballot is as simple as clicking this link or scanning the QR code below. (Note: teetotalers are also encouraged to vote, however, they are advised to abstain from the purely alcoholic categories). Voting will last until noon Monday, July 25, giving you a week to carouse through all those watering holes you’ve heard so much about but haven’t yet ventured into.

Party-pooper Alert
Are you one of those types who simply couldn’t care less about another voting-based award? Concerned someone will spike the drinks ballot? Well, apathy is akin to getting mindlessly drunk after consuming large quantities of baijiu. Why? Because the Beijinger’s Bar & Club Awards gives you, our discerning readership, control, and if you don’t exercise that control ... well ... you may just end up getting to that sixth bottle of erguotou. Furthermore, our voting system uses a cluster of methodologies to weed out the ballot stuffers, kicking them to the curb. Cheers to that!

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