After trying a series of health-focused restaurants, such as Tribe Nutrition 2.0, Shubo, and Glo, we were left wondering, what is next? Unlike these former three, the new delivery service Need Nutrition doesn’t have an actual restaurant, and is just delivering people healthy meals. They have between 30 and 50 people ordering on a daily basis, after having only been in business for a couple of months.

We went on their Wechat online shop which is pretty simple. Choose a bulking meal (RMB 78) or a slim option (RMB 54). With each option, you can choose a day trial, or a week, or even four weeks (RMB 2232 or 3096); choose lunch, dinner, or both; with high, average or low calories. The delivery zone contains everything up to the fifth ring, and the delivery fee would be based on the distance.

Nerdy as could be, there are calories and grams of fat, protein and carbs written on the box of each meal. As for lunch, the bonus is that aside from the main dish, which comes in the same size recyclable paper lunch box as Tribe and Shubo use, there’s also a small box with a salad. We particularly enjoyed the sole fish (382 calories), although a little more seasoning wouldn't have hurt, and the prawn salad with arugula. For the main dish, chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, and wraps rotate every day, just in case you get bored. In fact, there are six chicken dishes, five beef dishes, six fish dishse, six dishes with praws, seven different wraps, and seven salads on the menu.

Sometimes they send the meat in vacuum package to separate them from other dishes after slow-cooking, making you feel like you're doing some kind of laboratory experiment rather than just having lunch at the office. While it looks a little bit strange, the chicken definitely tasted better than it looked. 

In terms of the actual service, the delivery guy arrives before 11.50am. The sweetest thing was that whenever he was late, he would call to apologize beforehand, so you never have to wonder where your meal is at. Besides the food travels in an ice-box, so it remains cool when it’s delivered. Unfortunately you can’t choose the dish, so you’d better be prepared to be surprised.

To order, or just check Need Nutrition out, you could follow their WeChat (ID:needyyc) or check it here.

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