Who needs Pokémon Go, or worse, a shanzhai version of it, when you can catch ‘em all in real life. That’s right Beijingers … the wait is finally over. Read on below to see how you too can become a true Pokémaster.

Pokémon: Koffing
Where to Find: AQI above 200

Congratulations! You’ve caught your first Pokémon without even knowing it … lodged deep within the tracts of your respiratory system. Simply step outside when the air pollution is somewhat noticeable, and take a nice deep breath. If you’re lucky enough you may just catch the more evolved Wheezing.

Pokémon: Kricketot
Where to Find: Real Estate Agencies/the Beijinger's Classifieds Section

With a tacky suit, but possessing an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, Kricketot’s special ability is helping Beijingers find overpriced apartments for rent. As an aspiring Pokémaster (note that Kricketot is not in the original 150), this breed of Pokémon may accept colored orbs and berries when bartering for second-hand electric scooters.

Pokémon: Snorlax
Where to Find: The 2nd International Foodie Weekend

If there’s one Pokémon out there that knows where to find the best eats, it’ll definitely be Snorlax. This Pokémon stakes its foodie reputation by dining in only Beijing’s finest restaurants. In fact, rumor has it that the true reason Slow Boat is expanding into Sanlitun is to accommodate Snorlax’s twenty-Fryburger-a-day eating habit (the Pokémon simply doesn’t fit in their Dongsi Batiao taproom).

Pokémon: Vileplum
Where to Find: Street Corners (especially outside subway stations)

As a street vendor Vileplum shouldn’t be mistaken for those Pokémon selling chaun’r or jianbing. Vileplum, instead, sells a far more distinct street snack: choudoufu (臭豆腐). If you intend on catching a Vileplum, it’s best to use the chengguan Pokémon Farfetch’d.

Pokémon: Poliwhirl
Where to Find: Hutong Bars and Gulou Nightclubs

This hipster Pokémon enjoys classy cocktails and avant-garde music acts. Beware, however, as approaching such Pokémon requires a basic knowledge of Beijing’s indie music scene and the dates of various gallery openings (which can be found here).

Pokémon: Krabby
Where to Find: Behind the Wheel of a Taxi

As a motorist, Krabby uses its massive claws to help steer its way through Beijing’s congested roads. This breed of Pokémon tends to possess the chatterbox power, which may be used to a greater extent against laowai passengers Pokémasters.
Note: we concede that this is the one Pokémon that’s easier to catch with your smart phone, simply download a ride-hailing app.

More Beijing Pokémon sightings include Mr. Mime in zhongguancun; Jigglypuff in front of Viva Shopping Center; and the occasional Jynx wondering around Sanlitun bar street. Know of any other real-life Pokémon in Beijing? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

Unfortunately, in reality, there are no Pokémon available in Beijing, or China, yet, and it is not confirmed whether the game will ever be available here.

Photos: Pokemon.com

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