Grande! Che figata! Rocambolesco!

That’s what you’ll be saying to yourself upon entering any of the swanky Vai shops around Beijing. Any dessert lover should be sure to go savour the creamy, fresh, all natural gelatos made daily and brought to you courtesy of a secret Italian family recipe. Vai Milano is a healthy option to counter this unforgivable Beijing heat – no additives or artificial coloring added, 40 scrumptious flavors to choose from, some, including original flavors concocted by the chef himself and approved by the public. You have the option of sorbet in a cup, gelato in a cup or on a waffle cone (priced at RMB 29 for one flavor, RMB 42 for two flavors, and RMB 53 for three).

There are a few new varities for the 2016 summer season, which we especially recommend: vanilla caramel crunch, pina colada, and rose coconut cherry chocolate. 

After taste testing a few flavors, my personal favorites are the aforementioned new coconut cherry chocolate, and both the new vanilla and already classic caramel crunch varities. The combinations are ingeniously fused together. The contrast of the smooth vanilla caramel and crunchy bits makes for a perfect blend in your mouth. The coconut cherry chocolate is like a bounty candy bar melted down and frozen with cherry topping.

Meanwhile the cookies and tiramisu flavors come in the same light brown color, making it easy to confuse them (I know I did). But of the two, I prefer the cookies, since the tiramisu was a little too cakey for me, compared to the cookie flavor, which was just divine

The lemon sorbet had the right amount of sourness to leave a cool, minty feeling in your mouth. If you were coming down with a sore throat, especially with the flu, then this is for you.

The rose and triple berry flavors on the other hand, were just as tasty as the others, but a little too sweet for my preference. Bear in mind everything is au naturale. No milk, no cream, just water and a tiny bit of sugar.

If you want a break from all the sweetness, green tea is definitely for you. And yes, you guessed it: the green tea gelato is just like it name says, consisting almost entirely of the eponymous ingredient.

Summer time is here, and so are the promotions. Vai Milano offers an array of juices, granitas, milkshakes and fruit cups. In winter, the spotlight is on the varieties of chocolate flavored gelatos that all chocolate lovers can indulge in. If that’s not on your agenda, there are macarons (RMB 15) and cheesecakes (RMB 28) to enjoy with a cup of joe (RMB 16-38, available in both hot and cold). Weekends are the best time for the family to visit, as shops put on cartoons for the kiddies to enjoy.

If you’re too busy to pop in, no worries! Their services are now available on Baidu, Waimai and Jinshisong. For those who would rather visit the store, check out their branches throughout the city.

Indigo Mall
Daily 10am-10pm. Store LG-38 Indigo Mall, 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District (8420 0372) 

Sanlitun SOHO
Daily 10am-8pm. 1/F, Inside Zinoro store, Sanlitun SOHO Tower 2, Workers Stadium North Road, Chaoyang District (5704 1822)

IKEA Mall  荟聚西红门购物中心 LIVAT
Daily 10am-8pm. Livat Mall, 15 Xinning Jie, Xihongmen, Daxing District (8022 2535).

Photos: Lita Faletau, Vai Milano

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