If there’s one thing we know best here at the Beijinger, it’s food, glorious food. And when it comes to throwing foodie-related events, well… let’s just say poor Oliver Twist (if he was transplanted from mid-19th century London) would probably break into song at the mere mention of our 2nd International Foodie Weekend.

The two-day event, held on August 6-7, will animate the very heart of Beijing’s foodscape: Sanlitun. With fare spanning all corners of the globe, the Beijinger will be bringing together the largest assemblage of cuisines the capital has ever seen. Already, we have restaurants representing over twenty different countries signed-on, and we expect to only further expand on this fusion of cuisines and cultures. Speaking of fusion, expect a wide variety of fusion foods, as the Beijinger has no qualms with regards to the mouthwatering crossing of cuisines.

Simply put, as Sanlitun SOHO’s single largest event of the year (quite possibly ever), you’ll be sitting on an empty stomach if you choose to give our foodie festival the go-by.

Here's just a snippet of some of the restaurants that will be present:
Asiniuniu (Chinese: Yi ethnic minority cuisine)
Billy's Fish & Chips (British)
Blue Frog (American)
Chat Room (Australian)
Dongfang Jiaozi Wang (Chinese: Northeastern)
Drunk Craft Beer & Restaurant (German)
Flypizza & Hoodadak Chicken (Korean)
Ganges (Indian)
Hatsune (Japanese)
He Kitchen (Spanish)
Latina (Brazilian)
Q Mex (Mexican)
River Homebrewing & Steak (Belgian)
Swiss Taste (Swiss)
Tiago (Italian)
Wan (Vietnamese)

Please, sir, may I have some more?

Yes, and oh… boy, will we have some more. This year, all attendees will be issued their very own foodie passport (I personally wouldn’t embark on a culinary journey without one). Getting them stamped, however, requires you to sample various bite-sized delicacies, and acquiring enough stamps in turn will allow you to redeem a free foodie souvenir (What is the souvenir? Let’s just say your souvenir-less friends will be as bitter as the Dickensian antagonist Uriah Heep).

Photos: The Beijinger

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