There were 10,921,500 international arrivals who came to enjoy summer in our fair city last July, a whopping 2.9 percent increase on last year’s tourism influx, according to the China National Tourism Administration’s official data.

Perhaps not surprisingly, most of these visitors carry Hong Kong citizenship. The total make up of these almost 11 million visitors was comprised of 2,108,700 foreign visitors, 6,364,400 from Hong Kong, 1,941,400 from Macao, and 507,100 from Taiwan. On top of that, there are more than 2 million additional tourists coming from Europe, North America, and other further away locales. 

Hong Kong is also on top of the other list, the one that measures mainland Chinese tourists going on holiday abroad, with Macao and Thailand coming in as a very close second. That really comes as no surprise, as those are some of our favorite destinations, too.

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