So you think you'd make a good Communist? The Communist Party of China just released an online quiz for government officials to find out how hard they've been studying.

Cadres are given 20 random questions a 300-question pool. While the test is heavy duty on minutiae on party discipline and the numbers and dates of regulation, it does contain a few gems that we thought we'd bring out here to test exactly how Red you are.

Hey, Pablo Picasso was a communist too, so why not take our quiz and see if you have the know-how to be a fellow cadre like Pablo was.

1. All of the party's social development achievements are shared by ___________ .
a. The People
b. The Working Class
c. The Peasants 
d. The Intellectuals

2. What is the supreme ideal and ultimate goal of the Party?
a. The realization of Socialism
b. The realization of Communism
c. The achievement of common prosperity
d. Material and spiritual civilization

3. Only by  _________ can we develop China, develop socialism and develop Marxism.
a. Making economic reforms
b. Developing a socialist democracy
c. Increasing social productivity
d. Strengthening spiritual civilization 

4. At the present stage, the main contradiction of our society is ___________
a. Between the ever-growing material and material needs
b. Between people's increasing material needs and backward production
c. Between people's needs and insufficient production
d. Between the increasing needs and the insufficient social supplies

5. 2016 decisive phase for the construction of a prosperous society and the year of structural change. What is most important for a successful start to the 13th Five Year Plan?
a. Innovation
b. Stability
c. Reform
d. Development

6. A Party member who uses public funds to travel abroad in improper way, in the severest case, what kind of punishment s/he will get?
a. Warning
b. Dismissal
c. Serious warning

7. What is communism?
a. An economic system in which the factors of production are owned by the government and wealth is redistributed from the rich to the poor to create an classless society
b. The belief that the major goal of society should be the happiness of the greatest number of people
c. An economic system in which the factors of production are owned by individuals in order to make a profit
d. An economic system in which the factors of production are owned by the people as a whole, equality is the greatest ideal of society and government withers away

8. Which of the following are associated with communism (check all that apply)?
a. Private property
b. Economic equality
c. Karl Marx
d. Adam Smith
e. A classless society

Answers: 1.a 2.b 3.a 4.b 5.d 6.b 7.d 8. b, c, and e

How'd you do? Rank yourself on the following scale:

8 correct: Forget Lei Feng, the masses should learn from you
6-7 correct: Cadre Material – head down to your local party recruitment station now
4-5 correct: Red in spirit, if not in actual practice. Re-read Mao's Little Red Book and retake test
2-3 correct: Report to designated location at the designated time for re-education
0-1 correct: Capitalist roader

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