We can’t say if it just seems like a lackluster summer here in the capital, or if it is a crummy summer in Beijing. This is why when we see an event as ambitious as what we are about to let you in on, we can’t help but promote it. Do you like dance parties? What about cruise ships? If you answered yes to both, the Wavey Cruise Music Festival is the perfect escape for you to take in August.

Imagine a ship filled with thinly clad party maniacs, 70 amazing DJs from China and abroad, and free fully serviced buffets. If that isn’t a recipe for a maniacally good time on the open seas, then you can just crawl in a hole somewhere. It would be like the Love Boat if the entire cast of Skins America and UK were on board. It’s probably best to leave the spliff at home mate and just get those jollies off playing shuffleboard?

The DJs who will be rocking the boat include Aly & Fila (Egypt), Bambounou (France), Chris Adams (Sweden), DJ Krush (Japan), Kode 9 (UK), and Scratcha DVA (UK) just to name a few.

The award winning Royal Caribbean cruise liner leaves from Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal on August 24 and goes to Busan for a wild beach party, then returns to Shanghai on August 28. All the while you can party at one of the 11 pools, 15 decks, and 17 bars. All the food you can eat will be provided, just bring enough money for drinks and any other amenities you may need. Also on board, there is a rock climbing wall that overlooks the sea, a basketball court, casino, ice-skating rink, mini-golf course and a spa and fitness center.

Packages start at RMB 3,900 per room if you want to participate in China’s first ever music festival at sea. Foreigners will, of course, need a passport for the nautical journey and China residents will also need a copy of the front and back of their ID to reserve a spot. More info if you are interested can be found here on their website.

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