Migas just unleashed a new Mixcloud page that features just about every major gig that has been played there over the past two months. This is an excellent way to go back into that big black pit of depravity that was your weekend most likely on this favorite rooftop and listen to all of those great DJs again. Now with sober ears!

Click through to check out a collection of mixes from DJs and producers like Dicky Trisco, Cad 73, Andy Smith, and house liege Marshall Jefferson. We especially recommend the Cad 73 if you’re looking for something smooth to play during your next foot massage (giving or receiving) and maybe DJ Rocca if you’re out on the town looking for a new fragrance at the Silk Market.

The Bar at Migas doesn’t fool around when it comes to the music at their bar. They even have a new music coordinator, likely the most coveted job for a Beijing DJ apart from owning your own dance club. Previously, the position was held by Jeff Hinson (Bite-Size Buddha, read our farewell interview with him here) and is now occupied by Nic Shepherd (Boflex).

It’s good to see the new blood has resulted in these fun recordings and would be great to see other clubs follow suit. It’s not very challenging and can be used to get the word out about future parties or as a soundtrack when avoiding being touched in the subway. Do with it what you will. These mixes belong to everyone now.

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