Usually my dancing consists of outrageous foot tapping, and maybe a few shoulder dips if I want to get real crazy with it. But when a master mixer is hypnotizing the dance floor with some magic tunes, I transform from ‘Miss Daisy’ to ‘Miss Jackson’ (cue the heehee). In Beijing we have more than a few maestro’s who can spin, scratch, mix, or simply drop a beat on the floor harder than a WWE wrestler, but there are some special few who earned their gold belt in our 2014 Annual Reader Bar and Club Awards.

DJ Wordy, China’s only three-time DMC Champion, took out first place. An internationally acclaimed turntablist, his skills have taken him around China and beyond, carried on the eclectic music wave he rides, from Hip-Hop, House, Electronic, and more. Check out his latest mix Hard to Follow 2.0:

Outstanding recognition went to Bite-Size Buddha and BB Deng. Bite-Size is not a measurement of Jeff Hinson’s prowess behind the DJ booth, he is regularly featured in many of Beijing’s high-profile spaces and is guaranteed to be a heavyweight top-hit spinner. His latest mix for your ears to swoon over is House Bites Volume 1:

And in the corner for female representation is BB Deng, a gifted DJ with over 13 years experience behind the speakers, she regularly fills her portfolio with glamorous music festivals (most recently at our own Strawberry Music Festival), playing everything from Deep House to Nu Disco and any bassline in between. Her latest mix dropped one month ago in Chengdu can be found here.

Final results:

DJ Wordy

Bite-Size Buddha
BB Deng

Photo: courtesy of djwordy

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