These next few days are very self-improvement heavy, with plenty of tech and business events around Beijing to attend to help you hone your skills, develop your contacts in the industry, or gain some extra or new knowledge in a new field. 

June 26: Beijing Bitcoin Meetup
A regular meet up and catch up on Bitcoin for enthusiasts and professionals who want to, "get advice on using Bitcoin, find out about Bitcoin activities in Beijing, or just enjoy the Bitcoin-related banter."
Where: Jing-A Taproom

June 27-28: 21 Marketing Trends & Tools to Attract, Understand, and Wow Customers
It is Diana Derval's opinion that the techniques learned at school or during professional experience are too obsolete to study the fast-changing behavior and expectations of customers, which is why she will provide an interactive and intense fast-track training program to help participants to understand and predict customers behavior, and wow customers by delivering an experience beyond their expectations.
Where: Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China (BenCham)
Speakers: Diana Derval, Chair and Research Director of Derval Research

June 28: Third Netease Future Technology Conference
Concentrated around the theme of “Force Sense,” the Third Netease Future Technology Conference invites entrepreneurs, scientists, writers, and celebrities to explore future tech. There will be areas to experience virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and smart cars.
Where: China World Summit Wing
Speakers: Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber; Wang Congqing, GM of HTC VR; Ma Dong, Founder of Mewe

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