For anyone that's looking for some fitness-related travel options, we just wrote about that in This Week in Fitness.

In Beijing, there is still no sign of the Mandarin Oriental hotel on the CCTV site opening any time soon. Neither are any of the new list of 50 best restaurants in the world in Beijing, disappointing. Bangkok has two, though, along with at least one hotel on the Gold List. More on these in coming weeks.

In keeping with China's crazy naming convention for airlines and the cities and regions they actually serve, Beijing Capital Airlines is opening its eighth air route to Japan, this time between Shenyang and Osaka. For a country that can barely say the name "Japan" without whipping itself into a rage, its citizens certainly seem to love traveling there. That would be like if Iranians favorite holiday destination were Miami, or vice-versa.

Speaking of Miami, our friends at Swire Hotels have opened their first location outside of Asia, which is also called East. Yes, just like the place in Jiuxianqiao. So east is east and east is east, and apparently the twain will meet somehow. Looks nice, though. Might just make a nice jumping off point for one of the United States' best road trips, Miami-Key West in a convertible. Do it in October or November, when prices are low and kids are in school. Just be sure to buy travel insurance as that's hurricane season.

In the same vein of travel to the United States, considering how relatively low fuel prices are now, the cost of summer flights to the US is genuinely ridiculous and can only reflect massive demand. Despite summer having just begun, start looking to the end of summer for better deals. A roundtrip flight Beijing-San Francisco on August 30 returning a week later is almost 50 percent less expensive than one that departs August 9 on United Airlines, according to their website.

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