Looks like a number of fitness folks are headed out of town and taking their acolytes with them.

Theresa Pauline, most recently of Yoga for Lovers, is leading Yoganda to Uganda, officially known as "Service Yoga Meditation and Safari Retreat in Uganda." We're wondering if there should be some commas in there, but otherwise it's as billed: four days of service work in a local Uganda community; two days of waterfall adventure, and three days of wildlife safari. Approximate cost is RMB 24,000. For more information, add TheresaRae on WeChat.

Fight Fusion is taking its muay thai show on the road July 9-15, to, you guessed it, Thailand. Train at Yodyut Muay Thai in Koh Samui with Thai coaches. Expect fewer burpees, but longer workouts. Talk about sweat. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Finally, what is the old-man-working-out-with-a-bullwhip trend we're seeing around Beijing these days? It's obvious because the cracking of the whip always gives away the location. Is it a strength exercise? Speed? Unlike taijijian (taiji sword), which can be done without threatening your neighbors or passersby, this one seems to be a look-at-me kind of exercise. Could this be gymified somehow? The Bullwhip Workout, coming soon from B-Active?

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