China Daily reports that Beijing’s subway users will have access to 4G Internet connections as early as the end of July, rendering Wi-Fi access a reality and no longer just a rumor, despite authorities having said otherwise only three weeks ago.

The announcement, which comes via Beijing MTR Corp, states that the 4G network will cover carriages, platforms, tunnels and entrances leaving you to wrestle the crowds while everyone stares dead-eyed into their phones with even more determination.

Maybe the move is to dissuade individuals from eating on-the-go or at least turn people’s attention away from the eternal dithering as to whether food should be banned on the subway.

The article finishes by pointing out that Beijing’s subway would be one of few places to actually have 4G since its introduction to China at the end of last year, but of course, that’s if the plan ever goes ahead.

Photo: China Daily

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