Over RMB 200 in freebies await those that pre-register for our Mandarin Month Mixer at Home Plate June 25 ... but act fast as more than half of our pre-registered spaces are already filled!

So why exactly bother to pre-register for this free event that your lazy ass can turn up to at the last minute anyhow, which means you don't have to sacrifice 60 seconds of your incessant WeChat Moments feed refreshing time to fill out a simple form?

Well, my pengyou, let me tell you exactly what the first 200 pre-registrants get:

  1. A free add-on flashcard bundle for everyone's favorite Chinese language app Pleco (normally priced at USD 9.99);
  2. A free one-month subscription to super-cute Chinese learning site Ninchanese (a USD 10 value);
  3. A swankily designed laowai mug from the Beijinger that will leave your Chinese friends exclaiming "Ni tai niubi!" (priceless, because although it only cost about 10 kuai to make, it's a collectors' edition unlikely to ever be reproduced);
  4. A Project Pengyou cellphone case (also priceless due to its scarcity – in fact we only have enough for the first 100 pre-registrants to get one);
  5. A free beer from Home Plate (priceless as well, as it is likely to be just the social lubricant you'll need to introduce yourself to that beautiful foreign lass/handsome laowai dude at the event who will then not only become your Mandarin classmate but likely your lifetime soulmate, forever united in your complete inability to distinguish the tonal differences between 水饺 and 睡觉, rendering innocent utterances such as 我要跟你一起去一个水饺的地方 into semi-sleazy come-ons like 我要跟你一起去一个睡觉的地方).

All this and more can be yours the moment your preregister for the Beijinger's Mandarin Month Mixer. Slated for June 25 from 2-5pm, the event is a prime happening for any laowai looking to boost their Chinese language proficiency.

Aside from the free swag outlined above, attendees will be all the more pleased by the chance to have face time with teachers from more than a dozen top local Mandarin language learning centers. 

Again, you can just show up on the day of the event if you like, but warning to the wise: we already have over 100 pre-registered, and the freebie coffers only go so deep so only the first 200 people to pre-register gets all these goodies.

The mixer is also a perfect opportunity to meet other Mandarin enthusiasts and coordinate study groups with peers at your own level (a surprisingly challenging arrangement to make, as most seasoned students will attest).

So don't wait, jiayou! Pre-registration to attend here.

In the meantime, be sure to follow our month-long Mandarin Month coverage here.

Mandarin Month is brought to you by Pleco, Project Pengyou and Ninchanese.

Photo: The Beijinger archives

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