Martial arts superstar Jet Li is bringing his Expendables co-stars to China to take part in a new reality TV show, according to local reports.

Speaking to local media, Li said Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jason Statham as well as Angelina Jolie are some his “Hollywood friends” who would take part.

The show, Who Is The Next Kungfu Hero 《谁是下一个功夫英雄》, will start shooting next year Li said.

While Angelina Jolie has not taken part in any of the Expendables movies, some have speculated she might take part in an all-female “Expendabelles” spinoff.

Li said he decided to go ahead with the project because it Kungfu and martial arts was an area China has “the most right to speak” about.

“What area do we [Chinese people] have the most right to speak when it comes to sports?” Li said. “Most people would conclude it’s Kungfu.” 

“My Hollywood friends also think that China is number one when it comes to Kungfu, so I want to create a platform for live-style Kungfu action. We’ve got the script, director, and funds to bring Kungfu to the world.”

The announcement is another sign that at least some of the fourth instalment of The Expendables action adventure franchise will be filmed in China.

That has been on the cards ever since local Chinese productions houses decided to invest in the film and secured its Chinese distribution rights.

China is pretty much the main reason for the new installment, after Expendables 3 raked in USD 78 million after grossing only USD 39.2 million in North America.

Li also announced he will be taking part in a new Hollywood co-production but did not get into specifics.

“I’ll reveal more details in a couple of months,” he said.


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