Following reports from last month that Ming Dynasty conquerors may have built the Forbidden City over the site of Yuan Dynasty ruler Kublai Khan's palace, archaelogists can now confirm that early Ming Dynasty ruins have been discovered underneath the Forbidden City, and have released photographs of the dig site.

The Palace Museum's archaeology institution unearthed ruins at Changxin gate's northwest side through a large shaft, indicating large palacial buildings are actually hidden underneath the temple. The ruins, which are 30 centimeters of thick, compressed earth originating in the Ming Dynasty, were resealed for conservation.

Fortunately, they will not be resealed for long. "The museum [will] show the ruins to the public by building glass floors in the future," Shan Jixiang, the museum's curator, announced. The new discovery under the Palace Museum, which is the official name of the entire Forbidden City complex, adds new layers to an already long and fascinating history.

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