Who'd have thought it? In the face of stiff competition from some of the best bash organizers in the city, Great Leap brewer Carl Setzer turned out to be Beijing's answer to Van Wilder as the Second Beijing Craft Beer Festival, held on June 21-22 last year, was named your Party of the Year at the recent the Beijinger Reader Bar & Club Awards party.

We managed to grab a quick word with the Outstanding Personality, busy arranging a repeat of the rager set for June 6-7, to ask him about throwing a top bash.

The cool kids in school always threw the best parties. Does winning this award mean you're a cool kid?
I was homeschooled, so I've always just assumed cool kids sold drugs and fornicated all the time. Did I answer the question?

Did you used to get invited to the cool parties when you were in school?
See answer above.

What's the key to throwing a good bash?
Kin Hong's tacos. That's pretty much the secret.

What's your view on party crashers?
You mean Karl Long? He's not that bad is he?

What's the best party you ever attended?
An industry party my old employer threw in Vegas. It was held in the Aerosmith Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. My seven-foot-tall colleague was tossed by teams of little people for cash and prizes and a guy named Rocco educated a bunch of IT nerds how to use Craigslist hookers to get into swinger conventions. It was the lifestyle my parents hoped I would one day live.

Anything new up your sleeve for this year's edition?
More beer.

This year's Beijing Craft Beer Festival is set to go ahead at Galaxy Soho on June 6-7.

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