Tribe Organic, having recently expanded into Lido, has also updated their Tribe Nutrition program to Tribe Nutrition 2.0, with more options and improved nutrition. The options now include: accelerated slim, standard slim, fresh lite, bulking, and vegan. We opted for perhaps the most straightforward option, fresh lite. 

Fresh lite aims to help you "maintain your weight without your meals being boring," the website reads. The program, for three meals and three snacks over six days, costs RMB 1,260, coming to RMB 210 a day. If you're used to eating out a lot, a price like this really won't set you back more than your usual food bill and promises to be a whole lot healthier.

Breakfasts were impressive – many fruits, healthy pancakes, breakfast grains, banana flax waffles, and omelettes with side salads (pictured at top) made for a much better start of the day than I usually get, and I certainly noticed a difference in my energy levels.

As for lunch, there were plenty of salads. The one pictured above, for example, was a light mix of greens, grapefruit, peanuts, mango, shredded chicken, and a spicy Thai salad, and was definitely one of the favorite lunch offerings.

Dinners usually involved protein: red miso rice with grilled steak, salmon eggplant tagine with millet rice, or beef and grilled carrots with rice. This is most certainly the highest amount of protein I have eaten in recent months, especially as I tend to choose the vegetarian dishes when eating out (apart from the occasional chuanr binge).

As with any delivery service though, not everything traveled well, and some dishes were awkward to reheat as they combined hot and cold foods that were already mixed (think poached salmon with cucumber salad and quinoa). Extra seasoning was also required on some dishes, and I did feel like some could've done with an extra portion of vegetables, especially considering the health focus of the entire concept. 

Most certainly, this service can bring a lot of convenience to someone who isn't very good at meal planning or has a particularly hectic lifestyle. Having someone deliver your meals for the entire day in the morning is somewhat luxurious but oh-so wonderful. 

To arrange your delivery, or for more information, visit the Tribe Nutrition website.

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