As of today, Yashow will be a little quieter as the Cheers store on the west side of the building was forced to close. It was the only business that was actually still doing business at the horribly renovated Yashow that was once a great place to drop by and pick up some good bargains on everything from clothes to housing appliances.

Cheers sent out a press release stating that as of “Monday, June 6 the management at Yashow have closed the Cheers Yashow store without warning, and without legal jurisdiction.” It is quite apparent that those in charge of this ill-fated eyesore wanted things to quiet down even further. We can’t even begin to imagine what the reason for such a sudden eviction notice was.

In the days leading up to this dramatic conclusion, Cheers had attempted to boost business with a series of promotions during the week that offered shots, margaritas, and bottles of sparkling wine at very discounted prices. Perhaps it was these promotions that generated a little too much noise and revenue, and that upset the wrong guy. Yashow management sure has some nerve to prevent the good people in this neighborhood easy access to discounted wines and spirits.

”So it appears that fun and successful businesses are now not welcomed by the Yashow management themselves. Clearly they need a few more empty shops to fill to keep them busy,” the Cheers team also stated in their press release. Well said!

While we were never crazy about the original Yashow and usually blasted music through our headphones while perusing to ignore the incessant drone of sales ladies, it was still a very convenient place to buy gifts.

We think it is not too late for the Yashow management team to consider a couple of suggestions we made last month to turn this heap of garbage they call a shopping mall around.

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