We knew it wouldn't be long. Shameless is back with a new account called ShamelessPlus, barely a week after Shameless was taken offline. We asked about the account being taken down, and we were told by the anonymous being behind Shameless that their latest post violated WeChat regulations simply by pushing too many buttons.

As for the new incarnation, "It’s a lot like the old Shameless, but now with a douchey suffix," a WeChat post introducing the new account reads. "With this new platform, I will still keep writing until you all get really uncomfortable with the jokes I make. But at the same time, I want ShamelessPlus to be a place where people can share honest opinions on cultural topics, no matter whether you are an expat, a local, or a person drifting in the middle. And no matter if it’s about love, about sex, or simply about hatred, I want your voice to be heard."

With this, ShamelessPlus is asking for your stories, which you can email on [email protected] or you can add Shameless' intern on WeChat (WeChat: ID: shamelesschina2015).

The tone of the message implies we have lots to look forward to on this new platform, whether to give us some serious food for thought, or just plain out offend every fiber in our body, we'll have to let this master offender have another whack at it, and see if it can stay online long enough this time around. To add, scan the QR code below, or find WeChat ID: ShamelessPlus.

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