In our winner takes all Burger Cup only the most mouthwatering, succulent, willing-to-queue-for-half-an-hour-just for-a-single-bite burgers survive onto the next round. And as can be expected, all four 1-seeds (Slow Boat, Great Leap Brewing, Home Plate, and Blue Frog) managed to coast into the Round of 32. Many of the other matchups, however, proved more intriguing: three 10-seeds (Lush, Morton’s of Chicago, and Jamaica Blue) managed to knock out their higher-seeded counterparts. Also, remarkably, 11-seeded Drunk Craft Beer & Restaurant managed to knock out 6-seeded Ramo. Expect more burger drama as we enter into the Round of 32, voting for which can be done by clicking here.

Below is Recap of the Round of 64:

Bracket A, Match 1
Slow Boat (1) cruised by Helen's Café (16)

Bracket A, Match 2
Loft Eatalicious (8) floored 1F (9)

Bracket A, Match 3
Stuff'd (5) eked by Nasca Café (12)    

Bracket A, Match 4
Cafe Flatwhite (4) sliced The Cut, Fairmont Beijing (13)    

Bracket A, Match 5
Ahava (6) shamrocked Paddy O'Shea's (11)    

Bracket A, Match 6
Lily's American Diner (3) blindsided Park Side Bar & Grill (14)

Bracket A, Match 7
Lush (10) harpooned Blue Marlin (7)    

Bracket A, Match 8
Union Bar & Grille (2) preyed on Temple Bar (15)    

Bracket B, Match 1
Great Leap Brewing #12 Brewpub (1) sent Peter's Tex-Mex (16) south of the border

Bracket B, Match 2
Chat Room (9) bested Village Cafe, Opposite House (8)    

Bracket B, Match 3
Frost Coffee, Cocktails and Dining (5) survived a scare from Grandma's Kitchen (12)    

Bracket B, Match 4
Luga's Villa (4) smoked The Smokeyard (13)    

Bracket B, Match 5
Plan B (3) beat Beer Mania (14)

Bracket B, Match 6
BurgerMe (6) uncorked Pinotage (11)    

Bracket B, Match 7
Morton's of Chicago (10) crashed Dongli Brewery (7)’s party  

Bracket B, Match 8
Let's Burger (2) wiped 8-Bit (15)’s hard drive

Bracket C, Match 1
Home Plate (1) rocked Paulaner Maximilian (16)    

Bracket C, Match 2
Biteapitta (8) sent Bunny Drop (9) hopping    

Bracket C, Match 3
Fatboy's The Burger Bar (5) bullied Nola (12)    

Bracket C, Match 4
4corners (4) parked The Garage (13)    

Bracket C, Match 5
Katchup (3) squeezed out Laker's (14)    

Bracket C, Match 6
Drunk Craft Beer & Restaurant (11) battered Ramo (6)    

Bracket C, Match 7
Jamaica Blue (10) stopped VSports Bar and Restaurant (7)    

Bracket C, Match 8
Q Mex (2) romped over Yuppie Yummy (15)    

Bracket D, Match 1
blue frog (1) leaped over Burger Counter (16)    

Bracket D, Match 2
Billy's Fish & Chips (8) ground up Grinders (9)    

Bracket D, Match 3
Kenny's Burgers (5) sent Koli’s Camp (12) into the woods    

Bracket D, Match 4
Jing-A (4) broke Burger Break (13)

Bracket D, Match 5
The Big Smoke (3) rung Eudora Station (14)’s bell    

Bracket D, Match 6
Feast (Food by EAST) (6) bested Bistrot B, Rosewood Beijing (11)    

Bracket D, Match 7
Tim's Texas Bar-B-Q (7) survived over He Kitchen (10)    

Bracket D, Match 8
The Local (2) gassed The Filling Station (15)

Photos: Sherpa's, the Beijinger

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